How to Take Care of a Newborn

The birth of a child brings a lot of fun for the whole family. The care of children during the early years is one of the enjoyable experience for the parents. Thus, they not only nourished by material but also be fostered by the love of parents.

The basic of baby caring


  • Sleep: This is a little time to rest in order to grow healthy. Usually, the baby’s sleep time lasts about 16 hours, divided into 2-3 hour nap. Sometimes, she does not have a clear perception of the concept of time between the day and night. Therefore, the day you try to create the stimulation and help children awake to night can sleep better. Limit light in the bedroom, use curtains and lamps dedicated and ensure sufficient air chamber.
  • Breast-feeding: This is action to connect between you and baby, help baby feel the love from breast milk gourd, keep your baby’s mouth around your nipple as far as possible. Do not stress if she does not know the first time breastfed properly, you can turn to for help. You should breastfeed frequently in the early months, so mothers should pay attention to diet to own fresh baby milk supply possible. Besides, you may consider using more milk formula if mother did not have enough milk to breastfeed.
  • Baby shower: whether inactive much but you should bathe your baby about 2-3 times a week to ensure the body has always been clean. Use sponge combined with shampoo, shower gel exclusively for babies. Ensure a room and water warm enough to cold infection for infant.
  • Changing a diaper: there are two kinds of diapers are often used as cloth diapers or disposable diapers. Ensure clean and wash the baby with warm water when changing diapers. Now throw dirty diapers in the trash, do not use the unsanitary.
  • Handling infant: baby’s immune system is not fully completed so that children are likely to be highly contaminated. Therefore, when in contact with the baby, you must wash your hands, avoid invading bacteria. When holding the baby, attention remains fixed head and neck, avoiding overturned cases because of lingering weakness.

Keep your babies healthy and absolute safety

Senior Chief Petty Officer Anna Wood, hospital corpsman, holds a sleeping baby at a medical site in Kappa, Tonga, during Pacific Partnership 2011. Pacific Partnership is a five-month humanitarian assistance initiative that will make port visits to Tonga, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, and the Federated States of Micronesia. (Photo by: Kristopher Radder)

  • Clean after cutting the umbilical to avoid infection, umbilical stem will change color, dry and fall off themselves. Keep dry and clean with enough pure water. If there is pus odor or appearance, the baby can become infected and you need to handle in time.
  • Calming crying baby: You can not understand the reasons that caused the child’s anger. Feeding if baby is hungry, check the diaper to avoid too wet, check the baby’s body temperature to use appropriate clothing.
  • Change your baby to sleep posture is not stunted growth.
  • Chat, interact and affiliate with little more to increase awareness from an early age. Can combine to gently massage her feel more relaxed. Infant listen to soothing music or your lullaby.
  • For infants go to the doctor for regular health checks for timely response to abnormal signs.


A guide for first time parent

After 9 months of pregnancy fatigue, you need to pass the birth process arduous and painful. However, after going through this process, you will become excited and happy to welcome their baby into the world after so many struggles and difficulties. Start a new life with a new family member brings many challenges for parents. You can untidy and neglected in the care of the baby, there is no clear direction for ensuring the completion of their tasks. Let take time to read more books, search the forums of the more experienced parents to feel more confident.

Need support after birth

This is a very busy time and stress, especially for mothers when they have to go through the pain during childbirth. While in hospital, the doctors, nurses, maintenance can assist you in feeding and bathing your baby, baby care basic steps. After leaving the hospital, you can ask your husband, friends and family to help with the experience that they have experienced. If your loved ones are too busy with work, you can hire a nurse or maid time to assist you in caring for your baby as well as the work home. If alone, surely you will hardly manage and afford things, cause to stress, fatigue and not enough to take care of your baby healthily.


Babies are fed mainly by breast or bottle-feeding your baby on demand when you feel hungry, you can recognize by the expression like crying, do noise, put his fingers into his mouth to suck on … Just 2-3 hour feeding once to ensure they have enough to eat.


Basics sleeping

Infants do not have the concept of sleep for long periods continuously by the digestive system is too small, not enough to feed over a period of longer than 4 hours, so they will wake up or be awakened to eat. Each sleep usually lasts 2-4 hours but can last not overnight. When older, they will start forming sleep patterns follow certain cycles, this will help you have more free time than. When sleeping, must ensure sufficient blankets to keep warm for the baby, but be aware that too much should not avoid choking. Many babies have erratic sleeping habits like sleeping on so much that night awake. Use a night light with soft lighting, avoid the noise at night, by contrast, daytime try to play with the baby in the baby game to keep awake.


Baby Shower

As to the environment, although at home and at work but you still need to ensure infant hygiene. Because his body is still eager to bring, weakness, so you must pay attention to this issue so that no unfortunate incidents harm the baby’s body. Some note that your points of interest, such as: keeping clean hands before holding or feeding your baby because the baby’s immune system is still weak and very susceptible to infection. Make sure everyone on contact with the baby have to clean as well as toys for babies to safety. When bathing your baby, so your head and neck still not robust, so you have deft hands to cherish two parts. You should use a sponge bath for the baby when the cord has fallen off. Each week, you should bathe your baby from 2-3 times to baby’s skin smooth and moisturizing, use odorless chemicals to avoid skin irritation and eye contact. Only baby shower when the room temperature is warm enough, undressed and put into the water warm enough immediately. Use soft towel to wipe bucket cleanser, baby head and body hair. Then rinse and gently massage the parts of his body. You can use a small tub, matching the size of the baby.


Tips for the first newborn

The first day when caring for a newborn child, parents need to pay attention to a lot of problems like how to breastfeed effectively, how to coax the baby to sleep peacefully without crying, soothing mood baby feeding, basic nursing. This article provides some useful tips for you can be confident in taking care of the baby when she was born.

Appropriate diet

Since its birth, the baby began to get used to breastfeeding to benefit, provides the most effective nutrients for healthy child development comprehensively. Seemingly simple but it also brings a lot more difficult than expected. She may be difficult to get used to the nipple, nipple sucking not know how to milk, teeth bite hurt mom’s nipples … Look for the help of relatives had experience raising children or professionals nutritionist at the center, doctor or nurse in the hospital … They will help you to process take place smoothly. Psychological preparedness in the face of hardworking small. It is relatively hard and you hardly have time to do something different, so you need to arrange a time to take care of themselves in a reasonable manner. Can be combined reading, listening to music, use a water in the meantime. Some note that in the process of breastfeeding you need to know, such as: use gauze pads or warm up in the chest in case you elect milk overstretch Hac clogged milk leads to pain in the chest. If after a feeding, you feel chest pain, you can use an ice pack around her breasts à packs. If not breastfeed directly, you can express milk bottle nipple dedicated, always keep the baby warm milk and habituate.

Baby sleeping

The day of infants take place only with simple activities such as eating, sleeping, hygiene, play … Typically, they will gain about 14-16 hours a day to sleep, but it was not seamless and often interrupted. This affects the daily life of the time parents very much, it will go wrong orbit, when you want to sleep, little food and vice versa. If this happens repeatedly can lead to exhaustion, fatigue for parents if not eaten in moderation sleep. However, there are ways to improve this problem that you are no longer obsessed about excessive stress. The main task you should care about is caring for babies in a caring way, shape infant feeding habits, sleeping and living according to your wishes. Just persevere you will succeed and cut so tired every day. Parents also frequently supported and turns during child care, if grandparents or maids, your work can more relaxed. Besides, you can sleep when the baby sleeps, and sleep together in a certain time period. If your child suffers from sleep problems, you can use some other supported devices.


Soothe fussy, angry baby

Nobody can understand what babies want to convey, especially in the first weeks following birth. When your baby starts crying, go towards similar actions while still in the womb as shushing, swinging, hear a soothing melody helps baby smarter, calmer focus to keep baby warm by Warm water pumps, other tricks … All these actions have helped you make a child’s reflexes subside.

Parents take care of your baby together

After given birth in pain, your health has not fully recovered, you still are ye, therefore, your husband will be the most assistance during child care. For the first-time father, they will hesitate because not enough confidence and dexterity, fear not doing the right way to soothe her, afraid his wife will be criticized for not taking care of the baby. However, parents may assign work to make sure you have time to rest and convalescence reasonable.


Does your baby need a swing?

There is nothing cynical about fancy baby swings lightly because it simulates relatively similar to the uterus. A device as swing space provided little comfort for the baby to parents to enlist other jobs guaranteed schedule. The rhythmic motion of rocking and soothing the baby gives children a sense of security and are comforting, down crying. Not only because of this great movement, baby swings also are set to add some other features to support as baby toys, soothing music, nature sounds … It is not completely substitute to embrace and a pat on the parents, but it really is a great tool to assist you in the process of caring for your baby as well as have more time to rest. The use of baby swing is limited by the age and weight of the baby.

The preference of the child

Many babies particularly like the motion of swinging the baby, but also the opposite case. Before you decide to buy, you give your baby swing and try to become familiar with and observe the reaction of the baby’s feel. Direction of little interest to the additional features that are integrated with baby swings, including: music, smart toys … If she really exciting, baby equip this wonderful product. If not, you can also give your baby time to get accustomed or adapted in another way.


Benefits of baby swing

You may wonder about the real benefits that the baby swing brings, whether it deserves the money you pay and the right investment. Many parents use baby after ki this product feel very pleased about the benefits it brings to their baby. It includes a number of key factors such as: bring you more free time to take care of yourself and relax, help baby sleep deep in the most comfortable way through the movement as well as negative soothing music, very diverse functions such as vibration features, entertainment features without having to swing out of range of the baby. These features not only ensure your baby sleep, but also improves eyesight and hearing her in a positive way.


Evaluation criteria

Factors you should consider when buying a baby swing including lightness, ease of use, quality and safety.

  • The light: this is the decisive factor succeeded in coaxing the baby when they cry and rage. Thanks to the quality of the materials that make comfortable and safe position for infant, advanced functions are set together without creating noise is too loud. Although with different designs but this function in every kind of swing are guaranteed. Some typical product of this feature include Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny, 4moms MamaRoo.
  • Easy to use so they can rotate, bring order to best amenities and have the mobility to save space as well as convenient to carry in the trip. The leading products such as Graco Cove DLX comfy, comfy Cove, Graco Duet make you satisfied.
  • The quality of the overall material is strong enough to ensure strong, decisive and reliability of products gentle enough to not cause noise during movement.
  • The safety standards have fallen enough to control the ancient, stable base to keep him fixed, seat belt attached to does not fall out of position.

How to Calm a Newborn Baby

Any parent is feeling angry and lost his temper when the baby is screaming, fussing. You can not scolded or beaten because of their baby can not realize their actions and do not understand what you want to convey to them. Some basic tips will help you to soothe her rage.

Reason and the main reason why your baby is crying


The baby is not fully aware of the surrounding as well as the actions themselves but must rely heavily on caregivers. Therefore, you need subtle and sensible in feeding, sleeping, bring a warm space and comfort for baby. Some reasons for infant crying include hunger, appetite, so the stomach is too small and can not afford to keep food for a long time, you can give your baby breast milk or formula in line option with little taste. Another reason may be because they feel pain somewhere, you can not find out the cause, please cuddle her and comforted her immediately. Some children have a habit of crying by the hour in evening or night.

Some tips to soothe her anger


  • Use soft sounds, the baby hears her heartbeat by cuddle her and swaying to the beat, the baby will feel like when I was in the womb and feel closer to mother than. You may lullaby, use sound from your MP3 player, or even the repetitive noise of certain types of equipment.
  • Use baby swing rather cuddle her gentle vibration. Baby Swing integrated useful functions can replace you soothe her in a fit of crying.
  • Massage gently throughout the body, especially the abdomen. Feel the baby skin to skin contact between you and your baby, can be combined with regular massage creams.
  • Let her suck on something to forget the rage and his fussiness. You can use your own nipples with breast milk lush elected, some babies prefer to use a pacifier, others claim his finger in and sucked.
  • Your baby may cry during your feeding. You should calmly observe the situation, ask your baby’s health. If burp, gently patting and rubbing the baby’s back. After crying baby, you can continue feeding your baby because the baby may still hungry.
  • A basin of warm water about 37-38 degrees may help your baby calm down. Can be checked by hand, or use a dedicated thermometer to check and ensure that the water temperature is not too hot or too cold.
  • You do not need to blame and berate yourself if you can not soothe your baby. If this condition occurs repeatedly, most likely it will make parental stress and also severely affect psychologically. All your efforts seem to be denied, feeling worthless and disappointment.

You should know that you are not the main reason that anger and crying baby for long hours. Try to meet the needs of the child at that moment, may seek the help of other family members. Sometimes, this is what you have to accept that can not do more because you have tried your best.