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What Backpack To Get For Your Drone Ever since drones were invented, it has become an important gadget to many people’s hobbies or job. These allow capturing scenes in the best time and angle at convenient and affordable way. It can capture amazing films and photos at very high altitudes. The beauty of this is that it can be used as a GPS for navigating, especially to backpacking photographers who love nature trekking. Drones come in different types and brands that are sold in the market. The best one yet has to be the DJI Phantom 3. This gadget is very easy to control using just your phone through an application and you can then do live streaming of the video attached to the drone. It also has Vision Position System and has a high resolution, therefore, it can accommodate to a high gigabyte of micro SD card. The features of the Phantom 3 is indeed great, which means also that it is one of the priciest drones sold. You would want to ensure to keep this pricey gadget safe in backpack case when you start travelling. There are proper backpacks that are made just for drones. The 5 best DJI Phantom 3 Backpacks for 2017 are the following.
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Considered as the best-seller is the DJI Phantom 3 Hardshell Backpack. The solid outer shell of this backpack is very sturdy. Surprisingly, the weight of this is very light, considering its sturdy look, which is ideal for travelling. The reason why Phantom 3 fits well in this backpack is because they are in the same company, thus the name of this item. It is solid and compact which makes the Phantom 3 fit perfectly and avoid any bumps and shakes to the drone. When compared to other brands, the item is affordable considering its quality.
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Another best-seller in the market is the Depstech Waterproof Protective Travel Case. It is considered as one of the top 5 because of its eye-catching design and cheap price. The Phantom 3 is protected from sudden bumps because of its hard-shell structure. It has foams built inside that can absorb shocks like when travelling through plane. The compact design can also fit many accessories like cables and spare batteries. If ever unexpected damages happen to this backpack, you can get another one from its company for free because of the one-year warranty it offers. Another cheap and good quality backpack is the Powerextra Waterproof Carrying Bag. The durable backpack can be easily carried on long hikes. Padded straps are attached to this bag which makes it comfortable and easier to carry. This backpack is waterproof only from rain and is not advisable to submerge it underwater. There are side pockets also which is useful for extra storage of other things life phones, batteries, cords, etc. Another backpack, which is the DJI Quadcopter Drones, is not waterproof but comes with a rain cover to protect the backpack from getting soaked. Its weight is very light which makes it easy to carry when taking on long distance walks. An advantage for this is that it has a lot of compartments inside which is convenient for the extra stuff you need to carry such as tripod, charger, cables, batteries and many more. This handy backpack is thinner compared to others which is why extra caution is needed when carrying this bag. There is another backpack you should consider which is the Think Tank Photo Airport Helipak. The material is also not the hard-shell type but it is good enough to fit your Phantom 3 and keep it safe for hiking. You can fit lots of items in this backpack because it has plenty of storage. Aside from the accessories, you can fit in your laptop or iPad as well. This also features pads to keep everything safe inside. Another advantage is the rain cover that comes with it.