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A Quick Guide for Taking Better Photos With Your Cell Phone

There are key things that you should know when you are taking pictures with your phone so that you can take the perfect shot. Here are some photography rules to guide.

In order to take a great picture, you need to understand the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds will guide you so that you can frame your subject correctly. Imagine breaking the imaging into three distinct sections and split into nine rectangular segments. The subject should be close to the intersection or along the lines so you have a more balanced and level photo.

Before you take a photo, ensure that the lighting is appropriate to avoid over exposure. For you to take pictures with great lighting, you need to know the types of basic light; backlight, fill light and key light. It is important to ensure that there is enough light in the room but ditch your smartphone flash. You can also get a great image by taking the picture in bright artificial lighting or light streaming through a window or you can decide to take the picture after dark or in shady areas to get contrast for your image without too much brightness.

When taking a picture, be sure to set your focus on one subject.

Some phones have auto adjust which can make it difficult to focus on your subject especially in a crowded place. It is a good idea to turn it off and focus on your subject manually by tapping on the screen of your smart phone. Another trick is to ensure that your subject does not fill the entire frame.

Avoid zooming a picture especially if you are capturing it from a distance.

This is because it comprises the quality of the picture making it appear grainy, pixelated or blurry. The best way is to move closer to your subject or take the photo from a distance and crop it later.

Wiping your lens is a trick that most people don’t pay attention to but it can get you quality pictures. It is recommended to use a cleaning cloth or a microfiber cloth to do the cleaning in order to ensure that you do not scratch it.

Download apps on your phone which will allow you to create stunning effects for your image. You can use instagram effects or download snapchat which has fun filters which can give you cat ears or change your voice.

Explore and try different angles to see what works for you and what does not. When you try new things and play around with angles, you find yourself taking shots that are unique. Finally, get a lot of practice so that you will become a better photographer. Take as many pictures as possible whenever you get an opportunity.