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Digital Marketing Tips That Work for Law Firms

If you’ve been in the legal field for a while, you probably haven’t envisioned having to embrace digital marketing to grow your practice. However, it’s good to know that legal marketing services can be immensely beneficial for your practice, and you can implement several methods yourself, without spending much.

Consistency and commitment are essential for successful law firm digital marketing. You shouldn’t attempt to spread yourself too thin as you may be overwhelmed.

Write down a content marketing approach

Writing down your strategy for content marketing helps ensure that everyone knows their role, helps you recall the duties you assigned to your team, and provides a basic document you can use in order to determine the efficacy of the different digital marketing approaches you use. Documenting your approach will set both the pace and tone.

Employ social media

Tweeting about your law firm a few times daily or updating its Facebook page might seem like a trivial thing to you. However, the key to successful social media marketing is consistency. Many times, businesses feverishly use social media but fail to sustain the momentum, and this can negatively affect their brand. Quality matters more than quantity. Start slowly, perhaps on a single social media platform, add more posts there, and learn how the site’s inbuilt analytics work. Once you’re posting consistently and can learn through analytics what works and doesn’t work, you can then try out other social networks.

Ensure it is mobile-friendly

Today, digital marketing must be mobile-friendly, especially for local businesses such as law firms. You can use mobile platforms in many ways to market your law firm. You can make a mobile website or app, for instance. Most people have mobile gadgets with them all the time, so if you’re able to reach them, you’ve got many more chances than if you only rely on customers finding your site on PCs.

Blogging can hugely help with law firm marketing

Blogging requires commitment, as with social media marketing. Fortunately, you can leave blogging to someone else to ensure your site has a consistent stream of new content. Quality beats quantity, again, so don’t be quick to add plenty of content if it’s not well written, relevant, and timely to your practice. As your blog becomes more popular, your law firm’s credibility also grows–something that will increase confidence in potential clients.

Extend your reach using non-text content

Your digital marketing strategy doesn’t have to comprise only text content. Thanks to visual elements, your law firm’s online marketing can reach another level and have a quantifiable impact. Some ways to add visual content include creating videos, captivating infographics, and hosting online webinars before publicizing on your social media and blog.
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