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What is a Fidget Spinner and What is Its purpose Fidget Spinners are the latest craze that is invading the internet and the world by storm. It is impossible for you not to know what they are, or at least have heard about them. If you have been browsing the internet you would definitely have stumbled upon these toys. This toy is not for children alone, as even adults are amused by playing with them. There are people who argue that a fidget spinner is good for a child who is suffering from anxiety or has ADHD. There are even those who suggest that fidget spinners improve focus. Many experts believe otherwise, and the said assumptions have not yet been proven. Regardless of that, children and adults find these toys very addictive. Many kids are working hard to impress their friends with fidget spinner tricks. At the moment, it is difficult to grasp how popular fidget spinner are but they are selling fast in toy stores and online outlets.
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What is a fidget spinner. Basically, it is a toy or device small enough to fit in your hands. It has two parts, which is the center part that you can hold with your thumb and index finger and the three-spiked blade or “Spinner.” The “spinner” spins around when you flick one of the prongs. Many different and wacky designs have emerged since this toy was introduced.
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People care less of where fidget spinners came from but they cannot help but wonder why they are highly addictive. It has become addictive probably because it caters to what most people do, either consciously or subconsciously and that is fidgeting. Or it may be addictive because it is a no-brainer toy that allows you to come up tricks later on. Moving forward, people can do a lot of things with fidget spinners. As said earlier, fidget spinners allow you to perform tricks and there are kids or adults who would keep coming up with new stunts with their finger spinners. In fact, this is really the part that makes it fun. Moreover, its spinning mechanism is not limited to your hands. you can also spin the toy on top of your toes or top of your hands. More daring people perform the spinning tricks on their foreheads and their noses. Other things that you can do include stacking the fidget spinners together and see how they would all spin. For those who think that playin tricks are fun, they would most likely through them at their friends. Many have come to believe that fidget spinners have become more popular than bottle flippin challenges. It must be taken into consideration that some schools have prohibited playing with fidget spinners in school premises because of the distracting sounds that they produce. You can imagine what the room would be like if ten, or even twenty, students would be spinning their fidgets spinners at the same time. Despite that, people will still want to buy their own fidget spinner that they can play with in places other than the school.