Technology Future Ready to Make We Dumbfounded

Innovations in technology are endless. Everything is designed to ease the life of human beings in their daily run. Of the things that are said only a dream, now all available at the front of the eye. There is what the technology?

1. Asphalt is directly absorb water.
Tarmac, one of the leading companies in the field of construction based in the UK, are designing the asphalt is able to absorb water in an instant. Asphalt called “Topmix Permeable” is even in the claims is able to absorb 880 gallons of water per minute. Would be very helpful for urban areas prone to flooding like. Hopefully this technology could soon be applied to various cities in the world in need.
2. Laboratory floating.
A French architect Jacques Rougerie, are designing a laboratory integrated ship that can float on water so scientists capable of exploring the underwater world better. The lab will consist of 12 floors, of which six floors will be below sea level. About 50 million US dollars, or equivalent to Rp 600 billion, spent on creating integrated laboratory which is projected for completion in 2016. Well, hopefully underwater exploration is growing and very extensive sea state can benefit from the laboratory .
3. The house, designed by two million people at once.
A house designed by one of the website construction of houses in Sweden,, designing a house that is in the design of two million people in Sweden as well. The house that was named “House of Clicks” The glance looks simple, but inside it is very spacious with premium amenities as well. The price offered for this house is 345,000 US dollars, or about 4.2 billion rupiah. Interested in buying?
4. Bracelet “Cicret”.
A technology-based firms in France, Cicret, designing a bracelet that can be used as a smartphone. This means you stay put on the bracelet and the smartphone screen will appear on our skin. Sophisticated is not it?
5. Self-driving cars.
Swedish automotive company, Volvo, designing a car that can drive itself. The car is equipped with sensors and cameras in almost all parts is able to stop automatically when there is another vehicle in front of him. It is certainly very easy for those who are very busy with work so did not have time to bermacet-congestion on the road. Very helpful!
6. Hoverboard.
Good news for sports lovers skate board! Hoverboard, designed by Lexus is a Japanese automotive company, is a skate board without wheels. Then, how does it work? By utilizing the air blown from the Hoverboard itself, Hoverboard will float above the ground, or even on the water! When else can skate on the water?
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6 Benefits Everyone Can Derive from Online Shopping

Online shopping today is ubiquitous, thanks to the many benefits. Unlike in the past, many people now would prefer to order online rather than go to the markets or brick-and-mortar stores to get them.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping? - Quora is home to several opinions on the benefits of online shopping. As usual, we have compiled these 5 benefits based on these opinions. Beyond the cons of online stores, here are some benefits to enjoy.

1.      Swift Delivery: 

With the way technology is moving, even the delivery sector of online shopping is having such a fanfare of changes. It hits a crescendo when you can order goods today and get those goods today. This was not so in the past where technology was still nascent. Aside from that, swift delivery is accompanied by delivery flexibilities. You get to choose your products in relation to the weight you want and the colour you want the products to appear in.

2.      Contactless Payment: 

During the height of the pandemic, contactless payment became a thing and it stuck. Due to restrictions on movement with social distancing, people gladly embraced the concept of contactless payment and are enjoying the benefits of safety it provides. This form of payment means you get to pay for your goods without any contacts involved.

3.      Ease and Simplicity: 

Another benefit you enjoy from online shopping is the ease and simplicity of the whole process. Who would have thought that in the nearest offing we all could buy products at the comfort of our home as simple as counting the rosaries? But yet, here we are, doing the needful and making the impossible possible. Thanks to technology. Thanks to technology.

4.      Cheap Products: 

If nothing does get to you out of the several benefits of online shopping, at least the cheapness of goods and the economy of transport will get to you. With the advent of online shopping, consumer awareness has been taken to a new meaning. You can read reviews online and learn about product prices before you dive in without being manipulated. Or you can compare prices and explore several alternatives related to the goods and stores.

5.      Availability:

Do we ever say online stores are closed? No online store ever closed since they are hosted on the web. You only need to go there, order the goods you want, and be prompted by a service robot on the next steps to take. Although the store owner may be having a quick nap or riding his snores to pleasant dreams, the store itself is never closed.

6.      Direct Engagement: 

Directly engaging with store owners is what most consumers would gladly want to do. Now, here we have it. You can interact with store owners even if they are celebrities. You can engage them on social media, emails, or any other virtual engagement platforms.


The benefits of online shopping outweigh the cons of not shopping online. We have provided only six of them. The benefits that can be derived … Read More


A website is hosted when a web host assigns room on a web server for web page data to be stored. Web hosting makes the data that makes blog content accessible worldwide. Head over to the best reviewing platform i.e. to read the shop’s reviews. The space allotted to a website on a network is determined by the form of networking. Shared, dedicated, VPS, and reseller hosting are the most popular forms of hosting.

15 Best: "Web Hosting for Beginners" (2021 Guide) | WordPress & More |

They are distinguished by the type of client-server architecture used, the organizational structure offered, and the supporting measures available. If you are looking for hosting providers, read the hosting provider reviews for better decision-making. If you want to build a web identity, you’ll need secure web hosting.

Today, there are millions of webmasters offering thousands of different hosting services. Schemes offer access with flexible offerings to costly business-focused web hosting services. The package you pick will be based on how you want to use your webpage and how much money you have set aside for space.

Types of Web Hosting:

Most web hosts provide multiple kinds of hosting to meet the needs of various customers, whether you want to build a custom blog site or own a huge international enterprise that requires a complex official site. The following are the most common choices:

  • Shared Hosting

This is the most effective mode of hosting for most web hosting demands, and it’s a great choice for most local companies and personal blogging. You share a network with other clients when you use this form of hosting. Websites that are hosted on the same network distribute all of the server’s tools, including bandwidth, processing power, storage capacity, and so on.

  • VPN Hosting

You’re also managing a cloud with other people when you use a VPS. Your web host, on the other hand, sets aside a wholly distinct section on the server for you. This means you’ll have your own cloud storage as well as a set number of resources and storage.

  • Cloud Hosting

The most credible and consistent approach on the market right now is cloud computing. Your host provides you with a centralized server when you use cloud computing. Your traffic is redirected back to another server in the network if one of the data centers is overloaded or has a malfunction. This means there would be little to no interruption, which is ideal if you have a high-traffic page.

  • WordPress Hosting

Your server is designed exclusively for WordPress on this form of infrastructure, and your website deals with pre-installed extensions for important activities like encryption and authentication. Your site installs much quicker and has fewer issues as a result of the massively scalable setup. Extra functionality, such as pre-designed WordPress themes, slide site creators, and basic application development, are commonly included in WordPress management packages.

  • Dedicated Hosting

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Why should you seize your phone power at max?

When we want to buy phones, we often have a budget and we want to get the best budget for our phone. We go through the different features of the phone and finally settle for the phone that has the highest specification and also proven to be of quality that fits within our budget.

Police demands for access to rape victims' phones 'unlawful' | UK criminal  justice | The Guardian

However, most people buy expensive and powerful smartphones, only to use smartphones to send and receive text messages mostly. There are many reasons why you should seize the power of your mobile phone and use it at its capability. Some of the reasons are discussed subsequently.

It will amount to waste of money

One of the reasons why you should seize your phone power at max is that it would amount to waste of money if you don’t. For example, if the phone you are buying is going to be used only for making calls and receiving text messages that it would be best you opt for a 50 USD phone or less. If, on the other hand, you have spent over 300 to 500 USD to buy an iPhone or other powerful smartphones, it will amount to waste of money and resources to just use it to make calls and receive messages when there are several other things that you should do with it. You can go through electronic shops reviews and affordable mobiles reviews. You will get information about the phone that other people have bought and how they are utilizing it. This could give you an idea of what to do with your phone. It might be best to read the reviews before you buy a mobile phone as you could get ideas on the type of device that you should buy next and where you should buy them.

It could make your life easier

Another reason why you should seize your phone power at max is that it could make your life easier. For instance, instead of packing a torchlight into your bag when you know you are going to come back home late and could pass dark areas, you might want to use your mobile phone. There are many uses to which the mobile phone can be used that are not traditional mobile phone uses. However, they are replacing the gadgets and items that were used for such in the past. For instance, most people do not bother putting on wristwatch except strictly for fashion purposes. Even when they are wearing a functional wristwatch, they still find it easier to check the time on their phone as opposed to looking on their timepiece or the wall to know what time at it then.

It could help you make money

When you use your phone power at max, it could help you to make money. Many people are using their phone to make money today and you could take advantage of that. For instance, if you are a writer or graphic designer, you might have some work you … Read More

Linux Shared Hosting vs Windows Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting has conventionally proven to be a cost-effective solution, especially for new bloggers and small business websites. Apart from the cost factor, there is one more thing that makes it a lucrative choice among new website owners. It is best suited for people with no prior technical knowledge or who do not want to spend much time, managing or configuring the backend of the server. With a Shared Hosting plan, the responsibility of the server lies with the hosting provider. However, one factor that must be kept in mind while selecting your Shared Hosting plan is the choice of an operating system that comes with it.

Linux Web Hosting Vs Windows Web Hosting | IDCloudHost

Although Windows dominates the market when it comes to personal computers, Linux remains a dominant force to reckon as the choice for the server. In this article, we would see the pros and cons of both the operating system for your hosting server.

Windows OS Shared Server

Windows has caught pace with the Linux operating system in recent years. The Windows server offers a robust environment with the ability to host multiple websites from a single tab.

Pros of using Windows on your server

  1. One of the major advantages of using a Windows operating system is its ability to set up with a user-friendly interface. Also, from a user’s point of view, we are more accustomed to operating Windows than any other operating system.
  2. It is apt for running Windows-based applications such as ASP.NET. This becomes crucial for developers and webmasters who are looking to develop applications with built-in codes based on ASP.NET.
  3. If you are using Access database, then Windows hosting can be a better alternative as it can integrate with it without any problem.
  4. If your work involves around Front Page, then Windows server provides an extension to integrate your server flawlessly.

Linux OS Shared Server

Linux is an open-source platform that is based on UNIX.  Being open-source, it is relatively cheaper compared to Microsoft Windows, which is a commercial product.

Pros of using Linux OS on your server

  1. Consistent upgrades: Being an open-source platform, it gives the opportunity for developers to tweak with the code and improve on it. Therefore, the updates are rolled out from time to time.
  2. Better security: Linux provides a robust environment for your web hosting needs. It is considered to be safer and less vulnerable to cyber-attacks compared to a Windows operating system. Also, if infected, the community can fix it in a prompt manner.
  3. Ease of use: Linux Shared Server comes with most user-friendly control panel, i.e. cPanel. Also, it provides a better opportunity for webmasters to utilize the code of the open-source platform.
  4. Cost-effective: Being an open-source operating system, Linux Shared Server usually comes at a throwaway price. It fits in perfectly for budget-conscious website owners who are looking to take their first website online.
  5. Certain applications like SSH require a Linux-based server to function. Also, scripts or applications that run on Apache modules goes best with a
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How Tinder Is Making the Most of Influencer Marketing

Since its rollout in 2012, Tinder has evolved to one of the most popular mobile dating apps worldwide. Today, the site boasts of over 20 billion matches across 196 countries, according to its website. Other statistics stated that the users swipe 1.6 billion times per day and plan 1 million dates per week. For singles, Tinder eases the process of looking for love or casual dates by providing them with a safe online platform to meet.

Tinder, like many other mobile apps, uses influencer marketing to raise brand awareness. Here’s how Tinder joined forces with social media influencers to endorse the takeoff of its new-fangled Reactions feature.

Tinder’s New Reactions Feature

The dating company announced the launch of a “Reactions feature” on October 4, 2017. Reactions expose users to a range of animations that they can send to express different emotions in their Tinder conversations.

The Menprovement Initiative

In line with the takeoff of Reactions, Tinder also made public their new Menprovement project, a comedic video series that features real Tinder employees as stars. The video series highlights that women repeatedly meet inappropriate and overly approaching men on the mobile dating app, and points Reactions as the remedy that will help them handle such interactions.

Tinder’s new video series also features Whitney Cummings, a famous American comedian who’s helping the company’s team come up with the ideal man. An Instagram share by Cummings of the video to her half a million followers helped Tinder reach out to a broader audience.

The Menprovement Initiative Endorsing Reactions featured six videos posted on Tinder’s official Facebook and YouTube pages. The dating merchant account owner also shared six Menprovement graphics shared on Tinder’s Instagram page starting October 4, 2017.

Tinder Includes Meme Creators and Instagram Influencers

The dating company also leveraged six other Instagram influencers (apart from Whitney Cummings) to sponsor the Menprovement Initiative, and Reactions feature campaigns. The influencers who took part were meme accounts, and five of them were macro-influencers with an audience of over 100,000 followers. The six of them shared a total of 39 sponsored posts.

Here’s a list of Influencers Involved were:

@bitc.h — 5.3M Followers

@mytherapistsays — 2.3M Followers

@shitheadsteve — 1.5M Followers

@tank.sinatra — 1.2M Followers

@friendofbae — 510K Followers

@chuckleandlaugh — 10.5K Followers

To stay relevant, the influencers posted content in partnership with Tinder. The two types of posts were;

  1. Tinder-created Menprovement videos or graphics
  2. Original memes focusing on Tinder’s campaign

In almost a third of the sponsored content, the influencers shared a Tinder-created graphics or video. The other posts were memes either discovered or created by the Instagrammers.

Wrapping Up

Dating sites, as well as other industries, will need to take more seriously the power of social media influencers in marketing their product or service launches.

Author Bio:  Electronic payments expert Blair Thomas is the co-founder of high risk payment processing company eMerchantBroker. He’s just as passionate assisting dating merchant account owners as he is with traveling and spending time with his dog Cooper.Read More