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Fascination Jimbaran Beach

When your vacation to Bali! I’m sure most of you want to visit the famous tourist spots in Bali. One of the famous sights in Bali that you must visit, while on vacation to Bali is a tourist attraction Jimbaran. Jimbaran bali is the name of the village in Badung regency, Bali. Located in the southern area of the island of Bali, approximately 15 minutes from Ngurah Rai international airport. For travel guide in jimbaran, you can see through jimbaran bali things to do.

Before developed into tourist attractions, Jimbaran was once a fishing village, and most of its inhabitants make a living by being a fisherman. But this time has changed, most of the local population Jimbaran in earning a living, is engaged in the field of tourism.

The main attraction of Jimbaran Bali tourist attraction located on the white sand beach, which is known as the Jimbaran beach.

Lodging in Jimbaran and Kedonganan beach, there is a uniqueness that was the main attraction and Kedonganan Bali Jimbaran beach. Moreover, the uniqueness of which is owned Jimbaran beach can not be found in other coastal attractions on the island.

The uniqueness is in the cafe there on the shore of Jimbaran, which specifically serves grilled seafood (seafood), with a distinctive flavor Jimbaran Bali. I am a local person Bali, was also very fond of Jimbaran beach holiday with the family, especially in the evening while enjoying the typical Jimbaran grilled seafood.

If you want to see the sunset views, while enjoying grilled seafood dishes. Then Jimbaran tourist spot one of the best, which you can find on the island of Bali. So much available seafood cafe on Jimbaran beach area, offers a diverse menu with prices varied diet.

In addition, if you come at 17.00, scorching heat of the sun had gone down, making coastal air is not hot anymore, and views of the sunset yet begun. Towards 18:00, if the weather is sunny, you’ll be able to see the view of the sunset, while enjoying grilled seafood dishes by the beach of white sand.

Activities see the sunset at Jimbaran beach, while enjoying grilled seafood dishes typical Jimbaran, is the main attraction which is highly preferred tourists. Especially for couples honeymoon in Bali, and wants a romantic dinner in Bali. Therefore, Jimbaran beach tourist attractions in Bali, entered as one of the best locations see the sunset in Bali.

In addition Jimbaran tourist area in Bali, also well known as the location of five star luxury hotels. At the time the reader on holiday to Bali, I suggest not to miss visiting the Jimbaran beach.