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Combining Natural and Artificial Intelligence to Create Something Amazing

Technology gives us some amazing options in life. One of the biggest advances of modern times has come from sheer availability of technological resources. It’s amazing to think that we’re not all that far away from times when computers were limited to universities. And parts to interface or build upon those devices were few and far between. Today we have a rich hobbyist landscape that can provide us with the raw materials to build anything we can imagine. And likewise, computers have become so powerful that we can fit what’s essentially a supercomputer into our pocket.

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What’s more, if a computer isn’t powerful enough to perform some task than there’s many ways around the problem. For example, cloud-based computing and storage means that anything with a network connection can integrate as much extra power as it needs. This has paved the way for some incredible advancements. But anyone interested in cutting edge technology probably wants to know what the next big thing is. And along with that, how they might be able to get started with it. You can search online for ARIN Auction Services for instance.

Personal AI assistants are just starting to become an important part of many people’s lives. But what’s most interesting is the fact that they aren’t particularly impressive when it comes to raw hardware. The more popular models simply use the same principles we’ve discussed. They usually combine and ARM based processor with a low footprint operating system and some cloud operations.

And this means anyone can get in on this field while it’s still in such a preliminary state. In many ways we’re at the same point in history as when the first smartphones burst onto the scene. Imagine being able to start ahead in app development before anyone else. This is somewhat similar. The field of personal AI is moving rapidly, and it’s a fantastic time to jump in.

We can see this fairly clearly by looking at the history of AI. Some reputable sources are even calling the modern interest a “frenzy”. But no matter how one describes the modern scene, one thing is certain. There’s a huge market out there for AI projects. And this isn’t just in the commercial sector either. Even non-profits stand to benefit from AI. For example, consider a simple AI implementation. A chatbot uses a set of basic rules that resembles a flowchart to move about a conversation. This is a fairly basic technology. But people have found it useful as a method of relieving stress or simply having a nonjudgmental “person” to talk to.

Imagine how much good something like that can do when combined with even simple machine learning and a database of supportive information. Even better, implementations such as this don’t even require much in the way of hardware. Fairly low powered single board computers are more than capable of running something along the line of a chatbot. And the more GPU or processor intensive aspects of this can always be offloaded to cloud based services. But whatever method one chooses, it’s clear that the field itself is ready to be explored.